Mattresses that meet our strictest standards.

EWG VERIFIED®: Mattresses

Did you know? Most mattresses and beds today are made with a variety of petroleum-based chemicals, foam, plastics and controversial flame retardants, such as fiberglass. Most of these compounds have not been evaluated for safety, even though they come into close contact with our skin, eyes and nose for at least seven hours a day for adults, up to 16 hours a day for infants.

That’s why our team decided to launch EWG VERIFIED: Mattresses. From crib mattresses to California kings, we’ve got you covered.

When you see the EWG VERIFIED mark on a mattress – whether for you or your baby – you can rest assured it meets our strictest standards for health. Sleep better knowing your mattress is EWG VERIFIED.


Invest in safe sleep

Studies show the average person spends a third of their life in bed, sleeping. Our children spend more than half the day sleeping, their faces resting on the crib mattress.

Are we safe? Is my baby safe? What are we breathing in?

Those are the questions consumers everywhere ask themselves, especially when they’re wondering which crib mattress is best for their child.

Our scientists at EWG know there are mattresses and bedding full of harmful phthalates, fire retardants and volatile organic chemicals. Do you want to spend a third of your life breathing in known carcinogens or endocrine disruptors? Probably not.

EWG has been a trusted source for chemical safety advice for three decades. Millions of consumers have come to rely on our tips about how to best avoid dangerous chemical exposures. And because sleep should be safe, we decided to develop standards for this key part of healthy sleep. An EWG VERIFIED product is certified by the gold standard in the health and wellness space, which is based on scientific studies and steeped in EWG research.

At EWG, we believe mattresses should be:

  • checkmark Made with transparency, with all ingredients and materials used publicly disclosed.
  • checkmark Made with safer product materials and lower-emitting volatile organic compounds.
  • checkmark Prohibited from using harmful chemical flame retardants and fiberglass.
  • checkmark Prohibited from using PVCs and PFAS chemicals.