Protecting the future of our food and water

What did you eat today? Did you drink a glass of water? Do you know where your food and water came from and how it got to your table?  

For many of us, the origins of our food and water are a mystery. Understanding how food is grown and the impact of chemical industrial farming on our drinking water is challenging.  

We’re reimagining the way our food goes from farm to table, because the way we produce food influences our health, quality of life and our environment.  

EWG pushes for common-sense farming practices that protect our drinking water and produce healthier food.  

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What are toxic algae blooms?

Toxic algae blooms occur when bacteria-laden fertilizer and manure from farms run off into waterways, triggering the growth of a thick, blue-green goop on the water’s surface. Not all blooms are toxic, but those that are produce toxins called microcystins, and other poisons.